service tax returns

service tax returns

service tax returns

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When it comes to the matter of paying duties , receiving the same and assessing it, paperwork can make the entire process delayed, tiresome and prone to a whole lot of other hassles that can be considered among the causes that encourage people in general to evade the levies. This is one of the main reasons why the government is up and about wiping out the traditional ways and introducing a better and more streamlined version of operation through the internet.


With the turn of the decade, it has been stated by the government as a rule that henceforth, any attempt at filing service tax returns would have to happen through the online medium and none others. The trend of paper is out, and the al engulfing web operation is in, which has been playing its role in making the entire procedure as easy as cake walk for both the involved parties. From 25th August 2011 and on the basis of the notification No. 43/2011, it is mandatory for all to file their returns electronically and not through paper forms. This introduction through Rule 7 of the service tax rules has come as a welcome change to all who have been troubled by the nature of hassles caused by paperwork.


Unlike the conventional methods, working returns online can save a whole lot of time and effort that would otherwise have been required to run to and fro from the concerned offices, removing errors from the sheets and ensuring early deposit of the form so as to see the refund made on time. Electronic filing on the other hand would take nothing more than a few minutes and that too from the comfort of one’s home or, office. For those who are not as acquainted with E payments or anything else that is related with online methods of dealing with such matters can make use of the easy instructions that are offered in the concerned websites.





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