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Omega Group

Full Description

Omega Group was founded in 2011 by veterans of software development industry. We have over 8 years’ experience in professional software development for a wide range of platforms and within the latest 3 years we’ve been focusing on mobile application development for different fields. Being based in a small province city in Russia we are able to provide our services at the best quality-price ratio.

While we are very flexible about the price, quality remains the main criteria of our work. We are proud of our products and develop high-quality apps of any difficulty rate precisely on time.

How We Can Help

We can handle the entire project (complete custom app development) or a part of it. We can also provide you our top experts to help you to complete the work. We’ve done over 200 products in different fields and can offer the following services:

• Mobile / smartPhone Application development

• Games
• Multimedia
• Customer-service business applications with GPS function
• Educating apps for kids and adults
• Promotion and product support
• Software business analysis and consulting
• System Architect and Design
• Graphic Designing
• Application Designing
• Logo Designing

iOS (iPhone/ IPad)

Technology Expertise:

We have developed customer applications for our clients in the following fields:

– Healthcare
– Social MediaSocial discovery
– Ecommerce
– E-learning
– Business Automation
– Retail Market
– Real Estate
– Data Mining

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